Summer Tutoring in Houston: Boost Your Child's Academic Success Today!

Admission for Summer Tutoring

$150 / Week (All ages and grades K-12)

Our summer tutoring program is 10 weeks long and available to student of all ages and grades. (Kindergarten to 12th Grade)

This program is operated by highly qualified tutors, teachers, college students, and aspiring educators. Our focus is to prepare students for the upcoming grade level in subjects like Math, Reading, English, Science, and more!

This program has limited seating! It is recommended to pre-register and to reserve a seat for your student.

Details of Summer Tutoring

Morning Session (9 AM to 3 PM)

During the morning tutoring sessions, our educators teach relevant grade course material, based on state guidelines, to make sure your that your child’s brain remains sharp. Our instructors cover all subjects such as reading, writing, math and science. Every student is tested weekly for subject mastery.

Afternoon Session (3 PM to 7PM)

All students are given the opportunity to participate in extended tutoring in the afternoon session to complete extra assignments, improve study skills, and receive additional coaching.



Our summer tutoring is open to students in or entering Kindergarten to 12th grade.

1st grade
2nd grade
3rd grade
4th grade
5th grade
6th grade
7th grade
8th grade
9th grade
10th grade
11th grade
12th grade


The summer tutoring program covers all subjects and exam preparation, such as SAT, ACT, STAAR, and more.


We examine applicants’ resumes for an educational background or tutoring experience. Then we interview them and assess their knowledge and teaching abilities with a highly comprehensive test that we developed. If they passed our test, you can rest assured that they are well-qualified to tutor at their respective grade level.


To sign-up, visit our contact page and fill-out the contact form, or you call us by finding listed phone number at the top or bottom of the website.

A representative will get in contact with you and help enroll your child.


Our tutoring center has a group setting, but our tutors work closely with each student and ensures they are provided the educational assistance they need.


There are 2 sessions with a total of 10 hours per day, Monday through Friday.

A morning session that starts at 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (6 hours).

A afternoon session that starts at 3:00 PM to 7 PM (4 hours).