Affordable Saturday Tutoring for Academic Success in Houston

Saturday Tutoring That Puts Your Child Ahead

We provide your child with targeted support that aligns with their school curriculum. We understand the challenges students face during the school week, and our Saturday sessions offer an extended learning opportunity to master the topics and concepts that are being learned or will be learned.

Saturday Tutor giving personalized support to small group of students

Highly Focused and Effective

  • Personalized attention in smaller groups
  • Homework assistance and test preparation
  • Focus on key subjects and upcoming lessons
  • Improvement in academic skills and grades

A Solution for Struggling Students

Our dedicated educators and team are able to provide greater support to students who are struggling, falling behind, or facing difficulties in class. With fewer distractions and more one-on-one time with the student, we can identify their weaknesses and help them close the gap, ultimately improving their school performance.

Student receiving Extensive home assistance during saturday tutoring with caring educator and tutor at duc dinh center
Saturday Tutoring quote an investment in knowledges pays the best interest by benjamin franklin

Academic Success Beyond the Classroom

We instill in students the importance of going the extra mile, being prepared, and staying a step ahead in their studies. By familiarizing students with upcoming lessons, they are better equipped to improve their grades, achieve excellent test scores, and conquer pop quizzes.

Students We Serve

We provide academic support to students from Pre-K to 12th Grade in FBISD, Alief ISD, HISD, Harmony Schools, and more. Our local tutoring center is located at 11810 Bellaire Blvd D, Houston, TX 77072. Our Saturday Tutoring class is open to students in Houston and nearby cities, including Greatwood, Mission Bend, Four Corners, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosenberg, Katy, Cinco Ranch, Hedwig Village, Jersey Village, and more.

100 High school Students in Saturday School Tutoring at Duc Dinh Center
1st grade girl standing in book corner and reading books while looking at camera and smiling at saturday tutoring


$55 / Saturday

(All ages and grades K-12)

This program is designed to place students ahead of their class and their school’s curriculum, allowing them to master the concepts and topics of the lesson plans.

We create and teach lesson plans closely correlated to those of local school districts to ensure students grasp and retain the concepts being taught.

This program provides students with more time to learn and better support to improve their overall performance and education.

100 High school Students in Saturday School Tutoring at Duc Dinh Center

Schedule Details

Every Saturday

(9:00 AM to 3:00 PM)

What to expect

  • Students receive assistance with uncompleted homework and assignments.
  • Students are tested for mastery and understanding of the current lessons taught in school.
  • Students are taught upcoming concepts and topics based on their school’s curriculum.
  • Students are provided assignments ahead of their peers.


Saturday tutoring can help students of all ages in grades K–12 and is great for parents who are busy during the weekdays. It is also a great addendum to after-school tutoring to get ahead or allow more time to focus on a particular subject.


Our Saturday tutoring program is  9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. We recommend using as much of the session as possible, but you may choose to dismiss your child earlier.


All subjects are currently available at our center, except for foreign language courses.


They are placed in groups by grade, but they get individualized help from the tutors. Additional one-on-one time is provided if needed.


A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.

We provide “progress reports” of your kid’s improvements or communicate any concerns we have. We believe in an open feedback loop to ensure your child’s growth and success.