After-School Tutoring for Academic Success in Houston

After-school academic support that helps students catch up or get ahead for the school year!

Comprehensive After-School Support

Secure your child’s educational success throughout the school year with our comprehensive after-school tutoring.

Expert Guidance for Various Academic Needs

From homework assistance to project guidance, test preparation, and more – we have your child’s academic needs covered.

Personalized Collaboration with Teachers

Our dedicated team collaborates directly with your child’s teachers via email on a weekly basis, ensuring a tailored approach to their progress and areas needing improvement.

keeping in touch with teachers after school for academic support and tutoring

Engagement Beyond the Classroom

We go the extra mile by actively engaging in school conferences, addressing concerns related to grades, tests, and quizzes, to provide the utmost support.

Convenient Transportation

We pick-up students from schools within FBISD, Alief ISD, HISD, Harmony Schools, and more, right to our center. Secure your child’s spot early, as our spaces are limited.

Explore the schools we offer pick-up from and set your child on a path to excellence.


$115 / Week

(All ages and grades K-12)

This program helps students that are struggling, falling behind, or having difficulties in class.

Our after-school tutoring program gives students the academic support, assistance, and guidance they need to perform better.

Our tutors encourage students to advance their learning by teaching ahead of the traditional school systems.

100 High school Students in Saturday School Tutoring at Duc Dinh Center

Schedule Details

Monday – Friday

(3:00 PM to 7:00 PM)

What to expect

  • Students receive assistance with uncompleted homework and assignments.
  • Students are tested for mastery and understanding of the current lessons taught in school.
  • Students are taught upcoming concepts and topics based on their school’s curriculum.
  • Students are provided assignments ahead of their peers.


After-school tutoring can help students of all ages in grades K–12, especially those that need additional support in a particular subject or skill or those who want to get ahead or prepare for exams.


Our after-school tutoring program is 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday. We recommend using as much of the session as possible, but you may choose to dismiss your child earlier.


We provide after-school pick-up if needed, but seating is limited. Please contact us so that we can see if we can accommodate your child.


They are placed in groups by grade, but they get individualized help from the tutors. Additional one-on-one time is provided if needed.


We provide “progress reports” of your kid’s improvements or communicate any concerns we have. We believe in an open feedback loop to ensure your child’s growth and success.


All subjects are currently available at our center, except for foreign language courses.