Our Tutoring Programs

Our programs are focused on building the foundation for students to succeed by not only teaching them school or test materials but also providing help on building strong study habits, executive functioning coaching, and mentorship.

Put your student on the path to advantages!

In Houston, Texas, Duc Dinh Center is the leader in providing exceptional tutoring programs to kids in grades K-12, all backgrounds, and learning levels. Our tutoring programs are incredibly successful at addressing your student’s academic requirements. We currently offer 3 types of tutoring programs which each has their own way of helping students grow. The 3 programs work really well all together.

After School Tutoring

We help students with homework, reteach concepts, prepare for tests, develop better learning strategies and more.

Saturday Tutoring

Designed to help students improve their grades, and deepen their understanding of what they are currently learning in school.

Summer Tutoring

Give your student a tremendous edge relative to their peers in the upcoming school year by learning for the upcoming year.

Achieve Academic Success Today!

We have a proven track record and success with our methodology. Our program is designed to help your student succeed in school by assessing their current level of academic ability, self-esteem, and motivation, and providing them with the specific academic assistance they need to reach their full potential. This is why we have so many student earning the National Merit Scholarship and other awards.