Test Prep

Our test preparation helps students get high and impressive scores on the STAAR, SAT, or ACT tests.

Don’t take your chances with college admissions. Leave it in our hands to assist your student to perform their best.

Achieve higher test scores!

Duc Dinh Center provides exceptional test preparation to students in K-12, all backgrounds, and learning levels in Houston, TX. Our test prep programs are incredibly successful at helping students to improve their test scores. Students start with a benchmark test to figure out areas for improvement, and we then make a test prep plan from there. Students will also continued to do mock tests every so often to track their progress. At Duc Dinh Center, we believe in giving. We reward students with scholarships of up to $1600 if they perform exceptionally.

ACT Test Prep

Give your student the resource they need to maximize their ACT test score.

SAT Test Prep

We help students achieve a SAT score they didn't think was possible.

STAAR Test Prep

We are well-known for tutoring students to achieve full marks on state tests.

Achieve Academic Success Today!

Our test prep services caters to students in grades 3-12. Our program is very focused on helping students get high scores on their most important tests. We do this by evaluating their academic strengths and weaknesses, emotional intelligence, and commitment, and then giving them the exact guidance they need to reach their full potential.