6 Signs Your Student Needs A Tutor

In the greater Houston area, public schools this year have had their ups and downs, and your child has probably been affected. Many kids look forward to summer as a time to relax and have fun, but it’s also an important time to catch up and deal with problems.
When it comes to school problems, the biggest mistake many parents make is waiting until the last minute to do something. Many parents at the Duc Dinh Center bring their kids in for help after they have been having trouble in school for a year or more, both with their grades and with how they act.
Don’t fall into the trap of “let’s wait and see” if this seems like the same thing.
If your child had a hard time at school in more than one way last year, you need to find tutoring help for him or her right away. Since summer is usually a slower time, it’s a great time to fill in any gaps in your knowledge.
Most kids have a lot more on their plates than just schoolwork and extracurricular activities during the school year. During a long break, like the summer, is the best time to work on getting better grades. If your child has less to do, he or she will have more time each day to do schoolwork without giving up rest or fun.
If your child goes through a learning loss, his or her problems will get much worse. Learning loss is when students forget what they learned during the school year. Your kid needs help right away, and a lot of it.

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Look for these 6 signs to see if your child needs a tutor

 Your child’s behavior in school needs to get better starting with the next school year. Is your child struggling to keep up in school? Did they spend too much time on schoolwork, even though you knew they weren’t getting anything done? Did indecision and distraction waste a lot of time? Did your child’s lack of organization and inability to handle their time well at school affect how well they did in school? Don’t go into the next school year without fixing these problems. They are signs of a lack of executive functioning skills as well as problems with the subject. We can’t just wait for these problems to go away on their own.
If you need a educational solution this summer, call the Duc Dinh Center for your child to get an evaluation, know if your child needs tutoring, and get started on the path to success.
Not every child finds school easy. For some people, it can be like a roller coaster ride with highs and lows, while for others, it can be hard. Even though ups and downs are normal, at the Duc Dinh Center, which is the best tutoring center in Houston, they want parents to be aware of a few red flags. Duc Dinh, the founder of Duc Dinh Center, recommends that parents answer these six questions to find out if their kids’ problems need immediate help.

1. Does your child have inconsistent grades?

At the beginning of the school year, everything went well. The next thing you know, your child is getting a string of failing grades. Again, any failing grade is cause for concern, but if your child sometimes does well in school and sometimes seems to struggle, this could be a sign that they are falling behind and need extra help.

2. Does your child drag his or her feet when it's time to do homework?

Poor grades are an obvious red flag, but if your child often needs long periods of time to finish homework, this could be a sign of a number of problems. Your child might have trouble focusing, listening, and paying attention in class. Your child might also not be paying enough attention to his or her work because he or she is not interested in it.

3. Does your child have trouble getting started?

Procrastination is the cause of many academic problems, but this word can mean different things. Some students don’t do their homework because it’s boring, while others just don’t know how to work well. If your child always puts off studying or doing schoolwork until the last minute, your child might be struggling or there may be something more serious going on.

4. Is it still hard for your child to read?

Most kids’ reading problems go away by the end of elementary school, but if you think yours still do, you should talk to your child’s teacher about it. Find out if your child is having trouble in school. Reading is one of the most important skills you need to do well in life. Don’t just ignore the fact that your child is having trouble reading or understanding what they read.

5. Does your child not work hard enough?

Does your child have trouble with basic organization skills like keeping track of assignments, keeping a clean space, and paying attention to details? In some cases, it can take years for kids to get rid of their bad habits. In the meantime, parents and teachers can help by teaching them study and executive functioning skills.

6. Does your kid seem grumpier than usual?

Not every kid is going to be excited about school every day, but if your kid has suddenly changed into someone you hardly recognize, there may be problems at school or at home. Watch out for signs of anger, lack of interest, disruptive behavior, or negative attitude (in class and at home). Negative attitudes towards school, such as saying “I hate school,” indicate that your child needs help.

Tutoring Services Can Help

If the answer to more than two of these questions is “yes,” the parents should look into tutoring and extra help for their child. The Duc Dinh Center can help your child if you live in the greater Houston metropolitan area. The sooner parents can notice and fix poor performance, the better a child will do in school in the future.
Problems in the classroom that are important almost never solve themselves. Most students are doing at least some schoolwork from home this year, so keep a close eye on your child’s school schedule and get help if needed.
Contact the Duc Dinh Center to learn more about tutoring solutions that can help your child do well in school and feel good about themselves.

Is your student struggling?

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