Our Scholarships

Students in elementary school, middle school, and high school who are enrolled in the programs offered by the Duc Dinh Center are eligible to receive scholarships ranging from $100 to $1600.


The Duc Dinh Center provides scholarships with the aim of recognizing outstanding students and providing financial assistance to them.


“Education is the key to success,” is a common phrase heard these days.

Because of the prohibitively high cost of attending college and paying for private tutoring,
many parents and kids may place less importance on education.

We wish to level the playing field by providing financial assistance in the form of scholarships to students and their families in the hopes of inspiring them to achieve academic success beyond what they had originally planned.

In order for students to be considered for a scholarship, we have relatively simple requirements for them to complete.


If you get a perfect score on your STAAR test, you will get a $100 scholarship.
If you get a 1600 on the SAT, you will get a $1600 scholarship.

Depending on the student’s and parents’ aspirations, we could offer scholarships of varying amounts and for various purposes.

Duc Dinh Center always wants to help our students do well.

We are happy to give more than 100 scholarships to K–12 students every year. We believe that students should be helped, encouraged, and pushed to do better in school.


The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and a Duc Dinh Center student. Participants must be enrolled in an education program for grades K–12.

For more information about the scholarship eligibility and requirements, please contact us in the form below.

Scholarship Inquiry


Scholarships are forms of financial aid that are given to students to help them pay for college. Some scholarships are just one check. Other school scholarships are good for more than one semester or school year and give students money each time.


Scholarships are different from student loans.

They don’t have to be paid back.


The student could receive the scholarship in the form of cash or of a check made out to them.


Our scholarships awarded in your name can be spent on anything. We recommend saving it and using it towards higher education.


Thank you for your inquiry!

Our scholarships are intended to promote and aid exceptional students.

We will be in touch soon to answer your questions on eligibility and requirements!