About Us

Our Mission

Developing Scholars for Future Leaders Tomorrow

Getting good grades and passing tests is a by-product.

Other tutoring centers can only claim to take national merit into consideration and most schools struggle each year to produce a single National Merit Scholar.

We helped develop five National Merit Scholars in one year.

Our proven track record is what sets us apart and why parents, as well as students, choose us.

We would like to express our gratitude to every parent who trusted us with their child’s education.

Students are rigorously challenged in our education and tutoring programs.

We’re very proud of every single student. May you all go back and shine at your school!

Duc Dinh, Chief Executive Officer of Duc Dinh Center, says "As an educator, my primary goal is to cultivate the seeds of curiosity and passion within young students, empowering them to blossom into the visionary leaders of tomorrow."
Trinh Nguyen, Director of Operations at Duc Dinh Center, says "The greatest gift a tutor can give is not just teaching, but inspiring a love for learning that lasts a lifetime."
Duy Tran, SAT Tutor and Student Mentor at Duc Dinh Center, says "I'm not just an educator, I'm a passionate mentor who's committed to guiding and supporting students to reach new heights."

Our Vision

Struggling students and parents should have access to educational assistance without worrying about cost.

All students should have a future with educational opportunities and advantages.


Duc Dinh Center is an educational institute founded in the summer of 2008.
For 14+ years, Duc Dinh Center has consistently help students achieve amazing marks on State tests, ACT tests, and SAT tests.
Duc Dinh Center has helped students prepare for college and get accepted into the college of their dreams.
We want to put all students on the path to have advantages.