4 Benefits of After-School Tutoring in Houston, TX

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After School Tutoring Range of Benefits

Students in Houston and all over the country who want to do better in school are increasingly using tutoring after school. There are a lot of benefits to these programs outside of school, such as better grades, higher test scores, and more confidence in the classroom. But it’s important to know the full effects that tutoring after school can have on students and their families.

Improve Academic Performance

One of the most obvious benefits of after-school tutoring is that it can help students improve their academic performance. The National Center for Education Statistics did a study that showed that students who got tutoring did better on standardized tests than those who didn’t. This is not surprising, as afterschool programs provide students with additional time and resources to work on their studies and review any material they may have missed during the school day. Additionally, students in after-school tutoring programs have access to dedicated teachers and other professionals, just like the ones we have here at the Duc Dinh Center, who can provide individualized instruction and support.

Tutor teaching student in after school tutoring program learning math and money with education books and school utensils

Improve Test Scores

Another major benefit of after-school tutoring is that it can help students improve their test scores. Many students struggle with standardized tests like the STAAR, ACT, and SAT, which can have a significant impact on their youth, college, and career opportunities. Students can get ready for these tests with the help of after-school tutoring programs that teach them how to take tests and give them chances to practice. Also, many tutoring programs after school are specifically made to help students do better on tests. Some programs may focus on specific subjects, like math or science, while others may challenge test-taking skills and critical thinking. At Duc Dinh Center, our after-school program evaluates exactly what the students need to succeed and creates a customized plan that works for them, whether it’s focusing on a specific subject or just working on critical thinking skills. Optionally, a more comprehensive test prep option is available if needed.

Gain Confidence

After-school tutoring can help students develop greater confidence in the classroom. Studies have shown that when students receive the academic support they need, they feel better about their skills and are more comfortable speaking up in class. That is not surprising, as after-school tutoring programs provide students with more opportunities to work one-on-one with a teacher or other professional. That can help students feel more comfortable asking questions and participating in class discussions. Also, students who get tutoring after school may be more likely to be involved in their own learning, which can help them feel more confident in the classroom.

2 boys and 1 girl in after school tutoring program doing homework, learning, and taking test

Save Time & Money in the Long Run

In addition to these benefits, after-school tutoring can positively impact students and their families. For example, after-school tutoring programs can help families manage their schedules more effectively. Based on research from the National Center for Education Statistics, after-school tutoring programs can help parents who work or have other responsibilities manage their time more effectively and save money on childcare or other expenses. At Duc Dinh Center, we even offer pick-up from qualifying schools around Houston for the after-school programs.

After School Tutoring is Positively Impactful

In conclusion, after-school tutoring programs are a great choice for students who want to improve their grades, test scores, and classroom confidence. These programs give students more time and tools to work on their schoolwork, as well as teachers and other professionals who can teach, help, and engage with them on an individual basis. Additionally, after-school tutoring can have a positive impact on students and their families, helping them manage their schedules more effectively and save money on childcare and other expenses. Check out the after-school tutoring program we have available at the Duc Dinh Center serving the Greater Houston area today.

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